Printed Presentation Folders

Printed folders are an effective way to present brochures, price lists, or even samples to people.

We have a growing number of knife designs to suit your folder needs, with options such as:
business card slits, one or two pocket, single to double gusset, celloglaze coatings in gloss or matt, available in varying quantities to suit your requirements.

Our online folders currently come printed on one side, if requiring second side print, additional options, larger quantities - please notify us with your request.

Browse carefully through the price calculator options selecting each item relevent to your expectations. Each element has a blue symbol, click the question mark for an expanded explanation of the option.

Design online folder templates.

Ink Area Coverage: To provide a low entry price, we have nominated the option of low ink area coverage, and Hi Ink area Coverage over 25% to the options. The prices are held lower for under 25%, and a $380+gst fee for above 25% due to setup requirements needed in producing higher coverage folders. We welcome either folder, and need the extra care spent on the order when nominating Hi Ink Area Coverage to produce a folder to be proud about. We suggest you add celloglaze coating to the folder for further durability.
Creasing options: 1. Single Gusset - Or single fold spine, side & bottom edge. This folder makes very easy assembly, within 20 to 30 seconds.2. Double Gusset - Or 5mm double gusset presentation folder. Has 5mm edge on 3 sides, helping you add more documents to fill it without the folder being over filled, estimate 40 sheets 80gsm bond.3.
Gloss Cello Coating - Gloss coating to outside or print side, gives further durability to the folder, making it last longer, it also looks quite shiny.4. Matt Cello Coating - Matt coating to outside or print side, also gives durabilty, but this coating is dull to zero gloss, with a very smooth surface texture.If you need a hand to go through the options, to set your presentation folder up, call us - we can guide your through over the phone 02 9622 2444
How Your Presentation Folders Are Packed
We shrink wrap presentation folders in batches of either 100 to 150 to a shrink wrap, they are then packed into a special carton, sealed, and 1 folder is labeled to the outside so you can recognise what you have inside.
Australia Wide Delivery
We offer fast turn around of our Presentation Folders, or folders and deliver Australia wide with either Australia Post or dispatching via an express courier.
Your order is important, and depending on how urgent it is when ordering you can nominate which of Australia post delivery methods you would like together with your business card orders.
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Price Calculator

Select Hi or Low area ink coverage.

Hi Ink Area Coverage if your order has over 25% area ink coverage. $380+gst fee

Under 25% area ink coverage - less than 25% area ink coverage. no additonal fee

Choosing to submit an order with above 25% area ink coverage or full area ink coverage will pause your order, during this time we will present the following options to choose from:

1. We will notify you to either modify the design to under 25% area ink coverage

2. Pay the Hi area ink Coverage fee $250+gst

3. Be refunded

If choosing high area ink coverage, on an artboard, we do suggest celloglaze coatings, while this is not manditory, it will prevent damage that occurs during handling.

Board Choices

300gsm Hi Bulk Artboard  - medium rigidity, slight gloss coating, fine peal level surface, holds print resolution well, can be written on but not optimal.

350gsm Hi Bulk Artboard - medium rigidity, slight gloss coating, fine peal level surface, holds print resolution well, can be written on but not optimal.

Gusset options

Single gusset - fast assembly est 20 seconds, good to hold around 15 sheets of A4 80gsm bond.

5mm Double gusset - 1 to 1 1/2 minute est assembly, good to hold around 40 sheets of A4 80gsm bond.

Add a gloss or matt celloglaze coating to your presentation folder.

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