COVID-19 Floor Stickers

Regulatory site policies need to be in place upon entry to your site. Assist in protecting staff, suppliers & customers from coronavirus spread into your zones. Remember a site that has become infected would go into quaranteen, meaning further difficulty during this time. This page will facilitate you with some COVID-19 Floor Graphics. If you have a particular floor sticker requirement please communicate with us for prompt production, we are here to assist you in this time.

Setup preventative measures to assist in safe foot traffic zones. Providing warnings and restrictions in pre-designated spaces will help you navigate better during this crisis period. Reminding people in a consistent manner will help develop the safety system into your workplace environment.

Order from our range of pre-printed floor graphics. Select from a range of sizes and pre-printed COVID-19 messages. Udesignit floor graphics are produced with a slip resistant laminate applied to the surface. This coating is suitable for dry to partialy wet floors, (must be applied when dry).


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