What is bleed and why do I need it?

Business card with no bleed

When we print, say your business cards, we do not print them on business card sized sheets of paper. Instead they are printed on a larger sheet, and then trimmed down to size.

Business card without bleed trimmed

If you have any colour or image going right to the edge of your business card then a small shift in the printing can leave a thin white line showing when they are trimmed.

Business card with bleed

To prevent this you must extend any artwork that touches the edge to protrude 2mm past the edge of the card. This is called bleed.

Business card with bleed trimmed

Now when we trim your cards, you can be sure that the colour will go right to the edge, even if there is a small shift in print

How to correctly add bleed in Udesignit design studio

Udesignit design studio margins

In design studio, you will see two dashed guide boxes: page edge (red) and text margin (green).

Page edge is where we will trim your cards.

The edge of the white rectangle is where your bleed should come to.

Udesignit design studio correct bleed

All important elements such as text should be contained within the text margin to make sure they do not end up too close the the edge of the page.

Any element that touches the edge of the page should be extended to the edge of the white rectangle

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