Fund Raiser - Rafflet Ticket Printing

Raffle tickets are an essential must have for fund raisers. If your community group, school, church, or club needs further funding to continue you need to encourage people to give. The great thing about fund raiser tickets is they may only cost $2 each and for those who can afford they may buy the book, for those who can't they may buy a ticket. What ever the case you need to rally for supporters and raffle ticket printing is a simple solution that can help.

Raffle Tickets Designs

See our pre-designed tab or click here to view some of our ready to edit templats. All you need to do is fill in your criteria to start building your order.

Quantity Of Raffle Ticket Books

Use the price calculator to work out your order quantity requirements. This product is sold by the book, however the book sizes can vary upon your selection of how many tickets per book you select. To understand your ticket book and quantity of tickets review the following:

Total Quantity of Books 
Quantity of Tickets Per Book

= Total amount of Tickets

Raffle Ticket BOOKS

Help people raise funds at community events, fund raisers or clubs. We print quality raffle tickets with different budgets in mind.

Raffle Ticket Printing online

  • Basic single colour or Black n White raffle tickets
  • Two colour raffle tickets
  • Full Colour raffle tickets
  • Tinted Bond or Full Colour Covers

Earn Reward Points

With every order placed you earn reward points. Accumulate your reward points and redeem on any udesignit product.

Australia Wide raffle Ticket Printing Service

We produce and dispatch raffle ticket books Australia wide.

Price Calculator

Total Quantity of Books 
Quantity of Tickets Per Book

= Total amount of Tickets

Raffle ticket books are bound to the but side with a single stitch. The BUTT and the TICKET contain the matching numbers running sequentially throughout the order, after filling out the butt with the recipient details the ticket easily tears out for the prize draw.
You can nominate to have NO NUMBERING, if this is required please let us know.

TICKET BOOKS, raffles, prize draws etc, have some "Gaming Laws" to comply by.


1. NO COVER NEEDED - No Backing Board

2. Tinted 80gsm Cover Sheet - Card Backing

3. Full Colour Cover Cover - Card Backing

80gsm Bond - Standard house grade 80gsm Bond


Select your PANTONE colour:

The following colours have no additional charge: Black, Green, Process Blue, Reflex Blue, 072, Violet, Purple, 032, Warm Red, 021, Yellow,151,185, 280, 286, 293, 300, 354, 485, 320. Or do you have a specific PANTONE colour need: select the first option in the drop down menu: "SPECIAL PMS MIX", adds $40. PANTONE Gold 872 and Silver 877 adds $70

Price - ex GST, Shipping :$ 137.00
Total (ex.GST) :$ 137.00