Budget vinyl labels

Budget vinyl labels are a fairly simple product, giving you a straight forward, step by step approach to getting the job done. Whether you need them to last months or years, we have you covered. Order your labels online with us and see how easy it is.

Contour Cut Labels

Our budget vinyl labels are contour cut, manufactured onsite and ship Australia wide. We provide UV printed labels in a variety of common sizes and shapes. Add durability to your labels, by Laminating them you will increase their life span, make them scratch resistent, and light safe in the harsh Australian sun.

Custom Contour Cut Vinyl Labels

Custom contour shapes can make your label have a greater impact. Select this option from our price calculator if you would prefer this option. Our standard contours come round cornered.

Please note due to COVID-19 we're experiencing delays, so your item may take an extra day to arrive. Same Day & Express Post parcels are being prioritised, and are still the fastest delivery option. However if you have a Same Day Print we recommend when possible to pick up your order from our office.

Label Media Options

Three different label adhesives, to help you stick them in the right place, for the right amount of time you budget for.
SAV = Self Adhesive Vinyl
Removable Monomeric SAV - useful as short term, with easier removal.
Permanent Monomeric SAV - useful upto 12 months, or 24 months when laminated.
Hi Tack Polymeric SAV - useful for 2 to 3 years without laminate, 5 years with laminate protection, dificult to remove.
See through label option
Clear Matt Vinyl - Great when needing to see the background through the label material, 6 to 12 month product.

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Start your order

Simply - Register  > when re-visiting Login first > Create Artwork  > Order Your Printing.

Use our pre-designed templates or start your own label design, add your information, images, logo and colour choices.
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Price Calculator

Premium Vinyl Labels are available with a 5 working day turn-around time

About Contour Shapes
1. Standard Contour - No added costing
2. CUSTOM CONTOUR CUT - additional fee shown in calculator.
Select the size product you have found suitable, apply "CUSTOM CONTOUR CUT" in the price calculator. Add your design into the design studio, we will reply with contour detail requirements, requesting approval on a die line.
CUSTOM CONTOUR CUT is applicable for exterior contours, not to the backing media, we will not process orders requiring inner top cutting, weeding, or die cutting of exterior shape to a particular contour.

We supply lables as top cut and sheeted down as per price calculator selections. If you require further information regarding this option, call our team Monday to Friday Australian Easter Standard Time between the hours of 8:30am and 5:00pm.

Label Supply Options
1. Multiple labels up on A4 sheets
Good to keep together and access when needed.
2. Individual 1 Up and Stacked
Good for handing out labels individually.

Label material options:
SAV - Self Adhesive Vinyl  -  LAM - Laminate
Monomeric - 12 month outdoor use. Add laminate to become 2 year
Polymeric - 3 year outdoor use. Add laminate to become 5 year

1. White Removable 12 month Monomeric SAV
Great for items requiring short term use with easier removal. Note, this product becomes semi permanent after being left on outdoor surfaces for more than 3 months.
2. White Permanent 12 month Monomeric SAV
Great for budget indoor or outdoor use, last 12 months outdoors, can have laminate added to become a 2 year product.
3. Hi Tac 3 Year Polymeric SAV
Great for items that need to stick very well to most acceptable surfaces. Last upto 3 years without laminate, add laminate to become a 5 year product.
4. Clear Matt Monomeric Printed Laminate 6 to 12 month
When wanting a label that partly blends into the background this item is quite useful. No laminate available. We also provide clear labels with full colour and white ink printing, double sided lables and a few other items, search our other label products or contact us for further information.


Add on a protective Laminate Coating to your labels
Gloss Laminate

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