Outdoor Banners

A well designed outdoor banner in the right place can get fast results. This could mean more sales, better attendance and a greater outcome.

Event banners

Prepare your business or organisation for greater success with a well branded printed banner. Creating multiple kinds of banners to promote your event will direct people to the location and brand your business or organisation. In todays highly competitive advertisement driven culture, you need to highly consider this if you want attendance.

Heavy Duty Outdoor Banners

Outdoor banners need to look good and stay that way, that's why we supply outdoor vinyl banners on quality 510gsm material. Our printed banners have an 18 x 18 internal woven scrim mesh, with a very smooth face surface. Choose to add further strength with our range of banner upgrades to keeping your banner even more resistent to bad conditions.

Banner Printing Company Online

Ordering local Australian made banners online gives you more control over the product. We even give the option for pickup direct from our store. Our banners are made onsite and ship Australia wide.

Cable ties for Outdoor Banners

Using black UV stable cable ties is a must for outdoor banners, clear, white or coloured cable ties are not able to stand the Australian sun. The right thickness is of equal importance. Make sure your banner stays up during high winds, use our durable 7.6mm cable ties and ensure your banner holds it's place to keep your message doing it's job.

Banner Design Templates

Check out our latest banner designs, just fill in the easy to use template fields and you have a print ready banner design ready to go. Click here to see some of our great banner designs now.

How to order banners

Register  > and when re-visiting Login first > Create Artwork & Save to Your Portfolio > Order Your Printing.

Banner Design

Banner design options are:

1. D.I.Y. online design studio - Upload your logo and images, add text background colours and save to your online portfolio.

2. Use our design services - We have qualified graphic designers ready to help with banner design. Prices start at $50

3. Upload a print ready pdf - Supply a PDF file with 50mm bleeds to all edges. Only use high resolution images.

We can also provide banners larger than the listed sizes, if you need assistance contact us on sales@udesignit.com.au or call 02 9622 2444

Price Calculator

Banner Quality

510gsm Heavy Duty, 18 x 18 ply scrim, fine surface 1000 denier, firm material. For further durability, add inseam rope to top and bottom

Edge Finishing Options

1. Hemmed Edge with 1 meter Eyeleting - 40mm folded and heat welded hem. Eyelets are added every corner, every meter, or every 750mm when size is 1.5 meters.

2. Hemmed Edge with EXTRA Eyelets - 40mm folded and heat welded hem. Eyelets are added in every 400mm to 500mm in an even distribution throughout the hemming.

3. Hemmed Edge with EXTRA Eyelets, & Rope -  40mm folded and heat welded hem. Eyelets are added in every 400mm to 500mm in an even distribution throughout the hemming. 9mm Braided Rope is sealed into the top and bottom edges of the banner. An additional 1.5 meters to the left and right is added to assist in tying to close proximity items.

Corner Reinforcements

Add on corner reinforcement if you are choosing to place your banner into a high wind zones, A corner reinforcement is an additional triangle layer applied to either 4 or 8 positions.

Options include:

4 x corner reinforcements

4 x Corner + 4 x Center reinforcements


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