Corflute signs

Corflute signs are an ideal short term sign solution, they can also be long term if mounted well.
Being weather proof, sturdy and light safe, a corflute sign can be mounted against a wall, on a fence or post, or spiked into the ground. A corflute sign lifespan can vary between 6 to 12 months depending on sun exposure.

Corflute Printing

Full colour corflute printing has become so much easier than traditional screen print methods. With direct to corflute printing and UV inks standing up to the tough Australian sunlight. All you need to do is select a size of your choice, design or upload your artwork and order. If you have an order of one or one thousand, we are ready to process your order of printed corflute sign panels.

Design and Print Corlute Online

Designing your own coflute signs is easy with the right tools. Use our pre-designed corflute sign templates, create print ready artwork in just a few steps. Adding your logo, pictures and images, text and format through our free online design studio. Save your designs to your own user porfolio, future edits and orders are easy all you need to do is login and go to your account and portfolio.

Same Day Corflute Printing

Same day corflute printing is now available, contact us before 9:00am to discuss your urgency. You need to consider shipping time for orders that are not collected from our store.

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Order Corflute Signs Online

Register  > and when re-visiting Login first > Create Artwork & Save to Your Portfolio > Order Your Printing.

Some applications for Corflute Signage:

  • Real Estate Signs
  • For Sale Signs
  • Political Signs
  • Novelty Oversize Cheque Printing
  • Construction Site Signs
  • Work Safety Signs
  • Advertising Sign Panels
  • Directional Sign Boards

DIY Sign Installation the easy way

Installing your own printed corflute is really easy. Corflutes have a few options for installation, some of which include: Mounting against a flat wall, inserting into tracking system, cable tie to fence, inserting to ground spikes, just to name a few. For long term fixing to a building or wall select Ritetack instant grab adhesive from the price calculator when ordering. We give a printed instructions together with every corflute Printing order with this option selected from our store. Save money and time, DIY signage installation has never been easier. Use the Ritetack method for a fast neat tidy fuss free approach to fixing your sign panels.


5mm Corflute Panel
Single Side Full Colour Printing

Further Options for:

Second side printing
Gloss Lamination
Eyeleting to corners and centers
Ritetack sign panel adhesive
Ground spikes to transform your coflute into a free standing advertisement
Black UV stable cable ties


Price Calculator


5mm White Corflute

A corflute ground spike is suitable for 5mm corflute only.
Ground spikes have two insert rods that slot into the 5mm corflute entry poings, they also have two spikes to be pressed into the ground.

Ground spikes are excellent for placing out front of a building, kerbside or garden.
They can handle a small to medium size corflute signage.
They may be used on all sizes upto 600 x 900 (600 x 900 in lanscape view)

High wind can have an effect on larger signage. Try placing these items nearer to a sheltered area.
For larger sizes adding an additional spike to have more hold if winds are a problem.

Ritetack Instant Grab Adhesive - Use the adhesive the pro signage installers using.
This is a signage industry proven product. Do it yourself, save time, money & get the right result.

  • Eliminates the need for unsightly fixings or tiresome clamping & propping
  • Superior initial grab, up to 1000KGS per SQM horizontally
  • Suits most materials including Timber, Metal, Glass, Mirror,
  • Plaster, Stone, ceramic, concrete, PS, PU, PVC & Polystyrene
  • No solvents & no isocyanate, User Friendly!
  • Proven worldwide
  • Paintable & retains elasticity

Choose from a variety of Black UV stable, heavy duty cable ties.

All ties are 7.6mm thickness and 50kg breaking strain

Price - ex GST, Shipping$ 45.00