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Deskpads are an excellent marketing tool. Adding things like a calendar, ruler, units of measure, conversion charts, to do lists, product specifications and other relevant information will have people referring to the pad for handy info as well as jotting notes all over them while they are on phone calls. Deskpads last longer than note pads, the info written on them could range from messages / calculations / appointments / estimates / onto these larger pads. They really become a resource for who you give them to.

Amongst all the handy info you place onto deskpads, your company logo, photos, product information should be layed out to give you excellent advertising on someone elses desk. An average of a deskpads life could vary from 1 to 2 years.

Specs: One Side Full Colour Printing, on 90gsm Bond, Pad glue in full length to footer edge, and strip glue to header edge in 25 sheets per / pad, comes with 500uhm backing board.

They are wrapped in bundles of 10, and carton packed.

Printing In Australia

Udesignit is 100% Australian owned and operated family business. We ship deskpads and many other printed items Australia wide.

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