Presentation Folders

How To Impress with your Presentation Folder

The aim is to listen, plan, then present!

When I ever visit someone with a presentation folder, I generally would have taken notes about the visit i'm about to attend. The notes help me understand my clients needs, and I will place items relative to the meeting inside the folder or folders if in a group meeting.  I'm targeting my customers needs, not my customer, I really don't like the hard sell. With this in mind, I plan to be thought of as a great resource. After layering each of the relevent items I believe to help my current or future client, I double check things such as appointment times, location of meeting, names of the people I am meeting with.


Being Prepared Gives Greater Impact

Now ready and equiped, to reveal your company solutions. Start the meeting with greetings, and by forwarding your business card to the people you are meeting with. As you have gone through the small talk part of the meeting and are about to start discussing matters of business, continue by thanking them for the opportunity to present your solution to them and handing your presentation folders around.


Showing Your Company Solution To Your Clients Problem

Discussing your ability to help your customer save, time, money, or other benifits. Revealing this via showing of product & service brochures you may have in the presentation folder, and re-enforcing this with factual evidence of clients you currently serve will help develop a sense of confidence with the people you are presenting with.


Knowing your product and service well, offering it with sincerity and believe in yourself and your presentation. Do it without wavering and you will present with clarity, and be thought of as a sound and knowledgable person. Before anyone in the meeting is convinced, you should be!


Reminding You Are Available For Questions and Answers

Simply stating you are available, for any further questions, reminding them of your contact number or email on the card you presented. Thanking them for their time and shake hands on departing the meeting.


You Can Achieve Success, Just as I have Mentioned. It's all in the way you present yourself!

We have simplify the process of designing presentation folders. You should find designing any of the items we have on offer easy to setup. The underneath info will help you allong the way.

Design now! using our free to use design space, you don't need to pay for this section of the job, just try and see if you like the pre-desinged template after typing your business info in. The proof is free to download, so you can show it to friends, business collegues etc.

Starting your design is easy, and ordering print is just as simple. Click on the pre-desinged templates icon, browse through the designs. Click the design you like, this will expand it to screen size. If you like the look of the design you have expanded, select customise now. The default design mode is via a simple text only, you instantly see your text apear in the document.


Design Tips:


You can do more by clicking the advanced tab icon in the design tools toolbar. Adding a logo, picture, and elements is easy aswell, click the picture icon on the left hand side of the screen, and select from the top left tab - Upload from my computer, select browse, upload, then click your image after the image apears on the main screen. The image, logo, or element apears on your design, you can resize by clicking the image, then holding and shrinking or enlarging by moving your mouse in our out, once its at the size, and position you want, you can layer it up or down by using the up or down arrows. Alternate to layering this way, you can choose the layers radio button top toolbar area, a layers property box apears, this option gives more control over your image, logo, or element you are layering.


If it all seems a bit difficult, start again, use the first design space - this is to add your text to the fields that have been pre-set only, it may do everything you need, if your in the advanced mode and are not sure what to do you can call us on 02 9622 2444 business hours, or send an email and we will get back to your shortly and help guide you through some of these steps, to a great design.


Start now and see for yourself