Window Shopfront Labels and One Way Vision Signs

If supplying your own file for label printing, this page will assist with settings.

Step 1 > Register  > and when re-visiting Login first > Upload your file > Approve > Add to Cart or Portfolio > Order Your Printing.

Please note, we do flightcheck before production, if there are issues relating to the design, or quality our team will provide you feedback to correct this when possible. Else you are notifying us "Print my file as is, I APPROVE".

Bleed Edges

This is the portion of your design that is trimmed away when your poster is cut to it's final size. Using bleed edges correctly will make sure your design & image layout reach to the edge of the poster, having no white paper edge showing. Use a 10mm bleed edge on each of the 4 sides of the design.

Safe Margin

This is the zone inside the finished trim. It's smaller than your final coflute sign, the safe area is kept away from the final edge, and protects information you do not want cut. You would not like to see a name cut in half, or a logo missing... So keep your text or any elements around 15mm away from the edge of the poster on all 4 edges.

File formats we recommend

For / photography, with no text: high resolution JPEGs over 300dpi(un-compressed)
For / Graphics or Text: print-ready, vector based PDFs
For / mix of graphics and photography: print-ready PDFs

This is a one side product, 1 kind of artwork per order.